Boozter - Rock band from Belgrade, Serbia

NEW: "Take It Easy" album is released in April 2022. and available for streaming and download on all online platforms, some of which are listed HERE.

Our brand new video "Retribution” is released on January 11th, 2023!!!


Saturday 4/6 Pozarevac (RS) Biker Party @ Klub KB
Saturday 4/13 Beograd (RS Sinnerman Jazz Club


During the summer of 2017. some good old friends gathered to play some good old rock music, and so Boozter was born. It's that simple, although there's a rather long story that can be told prior to this. Band members were (and still are) associated with many rock bands: Strange Brew, Woodpeckers, Sunburst, Gospodin Pinokio, Badhead, Mooncage, Klot, El Brew, etc. Led by Neda’s female vocals, carefully crafted repertoir consists of songs from rock’s most exciting and prolific era, covering songs of bands such as Free, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robin Trower, Montrose, AC/DC, etc. Almost five years after its formation, the time has come for the debut album to be released. Titled “Take It Easy”, an album consists of eight original songs, among which “Two Wheel Ride” was choosen as the first song for which video was being made. Finding the right balance between the author and cover work, between the past and the present, between the studio and the live work, between the friendship, work, family, love and music, Boozter lives through its highly adventurous musical journey. And just like their ‘70s heroes, its main strength lies in energetic and passionate live performances.

Neda - vocal, saxophone.

Nikola - guitar, vocal.

Voja - bass, vocal.

Toni - drums.


We'd like to thank all y'all for takin' these rockin' pictures!